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Apple “Hi Speed” Event Transitions

As I did with the WWDC20 Keynote and the “Time Flies” event last month, here are all of the transitions from yesterday’s Apple event!

Apple “Hi, Speed” Event - Introduction

The introduction for the October 13th 2020 Apple Event, where Apple released a new HomePod and iPhones.

Designing the Pixel 5 in 34 seconds

(template used)

LEAKED: Google designing the Nest Audio

This is totally, 100%, definitely, honestly, actually, real. Because Google designers uses Pages and Photos on iPad.

Jobs vs Ballmer: One Small Difference.

Steve Jobs and Steve Ballmer may have had the same first name and may have both been the CEO of two great tech companies, but that’s about all they shared in common.

Apple September 2020 Event - Transitions

As I did with the WWDC20 Keynote, here are all of the transitions from today’s Apple event! The people of the internet seemed to like that, so I figured they’d like this too.

Apple September Event 2020 - Introduction

The introduction for the September 15th 2020 Apple Event, where Apple released new iPads and Apple Watches from Apple Park.

Apple Watch Ringtone & Ringback - Localisation Differences

I am building an app that allows you to listen to all of the sounds in Apple operating systems, including watchOS 7. I noticed that two sounds called “Ringtone” and “Ringback” have variants named for different countries. The ringtone has a variant for the UK and the US, and the ringback for ANSI, CEPT, Australia, Hong Kong, and the UK.

The Worst Apple TV 4K Unboxing

In this useless video, I open an Apple TV, almost drop it, plug it in, turn it on, and follow the instructions. That’s it. So, enjoy…?

WWDC20 Keynote Transitions

During the WWDC20 Keynote, Apple showed some very cool transitions between presenters placed around Apple Park.

Here they are!

Sorry, Scotty.

Sorry, Scotty. We completely ran out of you.

Well, more like you ran out.

In fact, technically, we kicked you out.

Turn Your Old Apple TV into a HomePod!

Got that old Apple TV 3 lying around? Turn it into an AirPlay speaker!

This works like a HomePod, but without the Siri nonsense - YOU choose the music.

Older Videos (pre-2019)

Noah Turning The Christmas Lights On!

In 2016, I turned on the Christmas Lights along with Henry Hallam for Plymouth. This is an important event for my city and it was an honour to stand on the stage.

Noah’s Handmade Hearts Bake Sale 2016

Every year, I hold a Handmade Hearts Bake Sale to raise money for Little Hearts Matter. This video shows our first event, in 2016.

Steve Ballmer Entering & Leaving Stage

It’s in the title.

Pablo Picasso: A Biography

This video was a school project in 2016 that has since stayed public.