One of my main hobbies is developing iOS and macOS apps with Swift.

I am working on quite a few apps, such as What’s Cooking, - an app to help you to decide what to eat - Your Thoughts, - a private place to vent your feelings - and DevSearch - a macOS menu bar app to help you find solutions faster.

What’s Cooking

What’s Cooking is an app to help you to decide what to eat. Save your favourite meals, and get a random one when you’re hungry.


  • Save all of your meals
  • Add images, ingredients, cooking times, and recipes
  • Share your favourite meals and their info with your friends
  • Shortcuts and Widgets integration
  • And much, much more! There is no guarantee that all of the features listed above will be included in the final shipped product. Some may be added later, some may never be added.

Currently in beta on TestFlight

Your Thoughts

Your Thoughts helps you to vent calmly. What you enter is never saved, and there’s no ‘smart’ coaching or questions. It’s the digital equivalent of shouting into a pillow. Once you close the app or tap “I’m Done”, your entry is gone forever. It’s designed to be as simple as possible, and to only do what it needs to do.


  • Privately type anything with no record saved
  • Customise the app with a background and your name
  • Quickly erase what you entered

App Store Launch coming soon!

More apps on the horizon: stay tuned and follow me on Twitter